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Test Your Kurdistan Knowledge

By Chris Mendez on Aug 6, 2010 | No Comments

Rebels, revolts, occupiers and parties: Test your prowess of Iraqi Kurdistan's recent history.

Remembering: Strangers in Their Own Country

By Savina Dawood on Aug 5, 2010 | 1 Comment

In 2004, the Khayat family fled Baghdad to begin a new life in their old country.

Remembering: Arabization in Kirkuk

By Dilpak Adam on Aug 5, 2010 | No Comments

Karokh Nuraddin was forced out of his house as a child and returned years later to find his city transformed.


By Victoria Fine on Jul 31, 2010 | No Comments

A sobering remembrance of the 1988 chemical attack on Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan and the repercussions still felt by residents today.

Remembering: Fear and Hope, Erbil in Early 2003

By Shivan Sito on Jul 30, 2010 | No Comments

In March 2003, as the Iraq war loomed, people in Erbil were concerned that the war might extend to the city. Nawzad Tayib was one of the thousands that fled the city a few days before the start of the war.

Remembering: How Sabah Ahmad Lost his Childhood in 1991

By Rebin Fazil on Jul 29, 2010 | No Comments

The story of one child forced to leave his home during a troubled time.

Remembering: The Sitos flee Erbil

By Muhemmed Nawzad on Jul 29, 2010 | No Comments

On March 31, 1991, Erbil was thrown into chaos. The Sito family was one of thousands who fled to the Iranian border in search of safety.

Al-Anfal: Kurdish Genocide in the 1980s

By Victoria Fine on Jul 27, 2010 | No Comments

In 1988, Saddam Hussein asked his cousin, Ali Hassan Al-Majid to take control of northern Iraq, where rebellion from Kurds and minorities ran high. The brutal campaign to eliminate dissent would be later be condemned worldwide as a crime against humanity.

Remembering: The Fazil Family Joins the Kurdish Exodus of 1991

By Zana A. Mamundy on Jul 27, 2010 | No Comments

Rebin and Rebwar Fazil were 6 years old when the military forces of Saddam Hussein's regime attacked Kurdish cities in an attempt to take control of areas lost in the Kurdish revolt.

Remembering: The Day Bero Learned to be a Kurd

By Ashna Shareff on Jul 17, 2010 | No Comments

When her family fled Erbil in 2003, Bero came to understand why her parents longed for freedom.

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